Maelstrom II

  • Maelstrom-2-Rescue-Craft
  • Maelstrom-2-Launch-Unit
  • Maelstrom-2-Freight-Module
  • Maelstrom-2-Airlock-Unrendered
  • Maelstrom-2-AirLock-Occ
  • Maelstrom-2-Airlock-Interior
  • Maelstrom-2-Airlock-Exterior

Maelstrom II is an independent film based on the book by Arthur C. Clark by the same name. The story follows a man named Cliff Leyland  a hydroponics engineer stationed on the Moon. He is looking forward to vacation with his family on Earth. Unfortunately Cliff hasn’t had the easiest life, and is currently experiencing financial hardship. He decides to catch the freight capsule instead of the shuttle to save money. However, that was when his troubles began …

I have been lucky to work along side Jeroen Lapre throughout the entire project and have modeled most of the assets for the film. I was also able to chip in and help with rigging as well.